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Australia’s premium sports apparel production company.

Who we are

SPORTS PRINT is a sporting apparel production company with style. Offering the best quality product, at the lowest possible price.

A Melbourne based one-stop shop for your custom apparel needs. Let Tim Everist and the team assist you with the easiest and fastest solution.

Tim and his team understand the importance of quality, with expertise in local fashion production, design, and printing knowledge.

Let us know what you need and we’ll hit you back with a quote

#1 in Premium Teamwear

Performance enhancing Australian made activewear, sportswear, custom club merchandise and corporate uniforms.

Our Services

Supply and printing of Sportswear.

Create team uniforms or your own custom apparel with ease.


Printing options vary as per your requirements, we offer screen printing, digital printing and sublimation printing.

Create your uniform to your speci?cations or brand your logo on existing apparel.


We can create a webstore for your team / club / business to sell your products direct to your players and fanbase / eliminating the need for a “middle man” to collect orders. We handle all the production / orders / payments / fulfilment / and delivery.


We provide technical mockups before production. We can also help with logo and design creation with a team of internal designers.


Embroidery is the subtle approach for branding, perfect for club wear polo shirts and caps.


We've curated the best quality product available to cater to your requirements


Select styles from our high performance apparel range…cotton blends that ?t well, maintaining style and comfort. Create custom made product or print your design or team logo.


Choose from our quick dry soft feel sports uniforms, sublimated tops and bottoms.


Look great in your own fashion branded and training apparel.


We offer a range of headwear, towels, wristbands, lanyards and 100’s of accessories.

  • Sporting clubs

  • Cricket

  • AFL

  • Snow sports

  • Soccer

  • Fitness apparel brands

  • Sporting Events

  • Golf

  • Cycling

  • Boxing & Martial arts

  • Schools / Universities

  • Running & Marathons

  • Basketball & Netball

  • Baseball

  • Retail uniforms

  • Referees & Umpires

  • Outdoor & Hiking

  • Yoga & Pilates

  • Gyms & Personal training

  • Rugby League & Union

Client Showcase

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